Monday, June 11, 2018

Why pollution is so bad.

                   TITLE: Pollution.

Introduction/Belief statement:
Have you ever thought about how bad pollution is? If you don’t know
what pollution is then i’ll tell you. Pollution is when you have a bit of
rubbish and throw it in the water or on the ground.
Hi my name is Magic
and I’m here to tell you why it’s bad to pollute the earth.

Reason 1:
Firstly,  because it KILLS our animals and it’s all our fault. It’s just bad,
horrible, and disgusting. We just leave rubbish on the ground for some
poor little bird to come along and try and eat it. It’s NOT their fault that a
tiny piece of rubbish looks like a nice snack for them but little do they
know it will kill them!
It isn’t just a quick death is a slow and painful death. Our candy rappers
get stuck in their stomachs and KILL them.
Plastic can’t be digested people! So although the little candy sweets do
taste really good just remember to put the wrapping in the rubbish when
you are finished with them.
Reason 2:
Secondly,  it’s not just on our land it’s in our OCEAN too! Not only do our
land animals die but our sea animals too! It kills Turtles, fish, octopus,
and other creatures in the sea. Imagine if everyone in the world threw
their rubbish into the water, the rivers and the seas would all be white.
Because plastic is mostly white.
And guess what? It’s already happening now!  Pakistan is so polluted
that their rivers are WHITE! And if my researchers are correct then there
are over  5.25 trillion tons of it is getting dumped into the ocean right
NOW in our beautiful ocean.
Reason 3:
Thirdly, if you are at school put your rubbish in your lunch box if you
hold it in your pocket and you go and play, guess what it falls right out.
Unless you have a zip pocket of course. So come on people. Do you
want to have a planet filled with rubbish and distinctness or do you
want a world with no rubbish in it. You decide you are the people of the
So I hope after all that convincing I hope you believe that it’s super bad
to pollute. And I hope I taught you to stop throwing your rubbish in the
sea. And not only that but it kills living things,and it makes our ocean look
horrible. So come on people stop throwing things in the water and save
the earth.


Friday, June 8, 2018

Magic's Waitangi Experience.

hello. This is my slide show about my Waitangi Experience. Hope you like it.

Friday, May 11, 2018


Kai Ora!
yesterday day we went out side and we were drawing pitchers of leaves and trees.
the we had to write what we heard, smelt, saw, and taste I didn't taste anything because I thought it was weird.
So anyways i'm going to show you what I came up with.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Tradition vs Speed.

                 Tradition vs Speed.
Have you ever wondered what would better to
 take your mum on a outing on? and you had
 to pick out of a jet ski or a sailboat? Well
 I think I would take my Mum on a
 sailboat for these reasons.

 Firstly, without a doubt me and my mom love
 to relax,  and the jet skis would be way too fast.
We wouldn’t even be able to take even a little
nap and it would be really uncomfortable.

Secondly, as you can see a sailboat is more
relaxing and slow, and it doesn’t cause noise
pollution! Also we can actually have lunch on a
sailboat and we would be able to drink without
spilling it on the boat. Unless the boat gets little
faster. And on a jet ski you will spill your drink

Thirdly, in fact whenever it gets too hot we can
always just get our togs on and have a little swim.

In Conclusion, well I hope my Mom sees this.
And knows that I would rather chose Tradition
over speed. In other words I love the sea the boats
and i’m sure she would too.

With love-Magic henare

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Commonwealth Games

Kia ora.
Hello this is my report on the Ohaeawai Primary Commonwealth Games that were on.
Hope you enjoy!